UA 357 Pipe Trades

State-of-the-art training is the key to producing highly-skilled craftsmen – the kind of specialists that are in demand in today’s challenging work environment.
Top-notch training in the Building Trades-Plumber/Pipefitter/Welder and HVAC-Refrigeration trades is more than just education, information and classroom sessions. Its real-world, hands-on experience, too. And that is exactly what you get when you apply for training with the UA 357 JATC Program.
Our center is recognized throughout the region for its numerous innovative training and development programs. In fact, the Pipe Trades Apprenticeship Training Center is the place to receive superior training in the pipe trades.
We enjoy a reputation as the training resource for careers in the Building Trades - Plumber/Pipefitter/Welder and HVAC-Refrigeration industries. You will enjoy that reputation as well. Our apprenticeship program is designed to thoroughly train you for an occupation as a pipe trades journeyperson.
Please take a look through our website and learn about a future with the UA 357.

Apprenticeship Program-A Legacy of Excellence

Reap the Benefits

Once you enroll in our program, you will begin to receive benefits that include healthcare coverage, pension benefits/401k  and an ongoing training program.

Training that is Unique

The Plumbers Pipefitters & HVAC UA 357 apprenticeship is recognized throughout the state of Michigan for it's innovative , one-on-one training program--a program designed to train you as a pipe trades professional.  The basic pipe trades we are offering are: Plumbing, Pipefitting, Welding and Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning & Refrigeration (HVAC/R).

It's Not the Same Trade Anymore

Times have changed.  People thought of plumbers and pipefitters as being bent under a sink with bad teeth and sloppy mannerisms.  However, today, the pipe trades are made up of highly educated and certified craftspersons that help design and construct the complex systems and "nerve centers" that run business and commerce across Michigan.  Now it's your chance to become a leader in the pipe trades industry, make a great paycheck and accumulate the benefits that will serve you well through life.

Learn from the Best

We are proud to graduate some of the most highly educated professionals in the trades.   Our website includes information regarding class schedules, forms.  

Certification Opportunities Include

 °    Solder/Brazing   °   Welding  °   Instrumentation   °   Backflow Testing   °   Medical Gas   °   OSHA 30    °    CFC    °    STAR Pipefitting & HVAC Refrigeration

Apprenticeship Program In Action!

Training Sectors


BUILDING TRADES - Plumber/Pipefitter/Welder

  • Drawing/Blueprint reading
  • Residential/Commercial/Industrial Systems
  • Soldering/Brazing
  • Heating and cooling systems for a variety of systems
  • Schematic, technical and isometric drawing and piping layout
  • Welding
  • Low/high pressure steam boiler systems
  • ASSE Backflow Tester/Repairer Certification
  • Code training required for journeyman plumber
  • Medical Gas Installer Certification
  • UA STAR Pipefitter Certification
  • Industry standard including safety and health in the workplace


HVAC Refrigeration

  • Heating/Cooling systems for a variety of industries
  • Electronics/Electronic Control Systems
  • Pneumatic Control Systems
  • Energy management systems
  • Cold storage/low temperature systems
  • Schematic drawing/layouts
  • CSD-1 Certification
  • CFC Certification
  • Industry standards for safety and health in the workplace

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