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As Plumber, Pipefitter, and HVAC-R Service Journeyman we are responsible for the installation and maintenance of systems that convey steam, water, air, gas, oil, waste and vent piping. To include servicing of units found in residential structures, institutional buildings, commercial buildings and industrial complexes.

A UA Local 357 Membership has its benefits

UA Local 357 represents the very best Plumbers, Pipefitters, Welders and HVAC Service Techs throughout Southwest-Michigan, and have built a solid working relationship with our area mechanical contractors.


UA Local 357 represents you and protects your hard-earned wages and benefits. Through collective bargaining, union and management can work together to ensure employers achieve profitability while employees earn decent wages and receive fair treatment.


UA Local 357 is proud to offer the very best healthcare benefits package to our members. Benefits include dental and optical coverage, a prescription drug program and major medical coverage including hospital services. Best of all, this benefit is included in your wage package over and above your hourly wage, these services are not only available to you but also to your immediate family.


As a UA member, you’ll receive a pension —not just a 401(k) where the employee takes on 100% of the risk. To provide you with the peace of mind in your retirement, we offer a comprehensive, secure pension plan. You’ll be able to retire and have a solid quality of life supported by pension and retirement income.


In today’s competitive environment, if you’re not keeping up with the latest developments in the industry, you’re falling behind. Unionized members are held to the highest standard when it comes to training and safety. Training classes are provided at no cost to update your skills.

Are you interested..............

If you are an experienced plumber, pipefitter, welder or HVAC-R service technician and want a better future for yourself and your family, please contact Sean Flora, Organizer by completing the form below, If you have less than 3 years experience please see our apprentice information page here.

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